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An investigation into the money, politics and corruption behind sand mining and its silent environmental crisis in Southeastern Massachusetts

This report is an investigation into the sand and gravel mining industry and its impacts to drinking water supplies, waterways, forests, biodiversity, the health and wellbeing of residents and Indigenous history and sites.
Sand, gravel and aggregates are the second most extracted resource on earth after water by volume. Southeastern Massachusetts has significant deposits of this global commodity and large landowners who are exploiting this resource.
This investigation calls for a complete moratorium on sand and gravel mining, a thorough assessment of the damage caused to date, enforcement of environmental laws and remediation.

Sand is the world’s second most exploited resource and must be wisely managed

UNEP Report, Sand and Sustainability: 10 Recommendations to Avert a Crisis

We have created a recipe for climate disaster

Marc Goichot of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Sand, rarer than one thinks

UNEP Global Environmental Alert Service (GEAS) - March 2014
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